The Making of the Manual

In 1999, tadalafil Peter Sieling wrote his first book, “Beehive Construction,” which gave instructions for building a bee hive with a table saw as the only power tool. Since then, he has written and produced a number of books which include information on building 8-frame hives, nuc-hives, bait hives for attracting swarms, and more. His newest release, “Hive-Making Manual,” includes all of these projects condensed into one easy-to-read book; the book also contains information on the history of the movable frame hive, tips on how to dry lumber, simple to more difficult joints, and alternative styles of frames, covers, bottom boards, and much more.

The Changes
This book was different than the others in several ways.

First, it was a family project.
His wife, Nancy, has supported him with copy editing and critique. Daughter Ariele, a full time writer and editor, provided professional formatting, copy editing and project management. Gary, a software engineer, moved the business online with a sales website and newsletter. Evan, the youngest son and a graphic artist, designed the cover. This year, the five teamed up to produce the best book ever produced by Garreson Publishing, and currently have plans for at least two more.

Second, we developed a new formatting style. As a team we collaborated to choose consistent and professional colors and fonts, design and add call-out boxes, merged hand-drawn illustrations into a professional template, and design a new, appealing cover.

Third, this book was marketed heavily before its release, and followed a strict production timeline. A book can sit in production for years without someone pushing it out the door. Peter spent over ten years of his spare time researching, trying out vintage beehive styles in his apiary and drawing and writing about them. Ariele took the rough manuscript, and formatted and edited it by the end of June of 2012. It went through a review process; Evan completed the cover by August 27th; and Gary had it up on the website and ready to be sold on September 1st.

Ongoing Projects
Two more books of short humorous stories written by Peter are in the queue. His stories have appeared in Bee Culture, Popular Woodworking, Christian Science Monitor, and Sawmill and Woodlot magazine. The upcoming books are titled “A Honey Bee’s Guide to Managing Beekeepers,” and “Never Pick Up a Stray Goose.” In addition, we are currently working towards reformatting all of Peter’s books into ebooks, so that beekeepers, woodworkers, and anyone interested can purchase them for less money and have easier access. Blog articles about the hive-making process, beekeeping in general, and a variety of other things are also in the works, and we are also developing our social media presence in other places such Facebook and Google+.

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