The Local Farmers Market – A Lot More Than Just Great Food

Guest post by Laura Zanskey

In many places across the U.S.A. there is a growing fascination within the local communities that comes with urban gardening and the local food market. This may seem strange at first because the local market is a lot more expensive that going to your local “Super Mart” for your groceries but given a little bit closer of a look, you can see why this is becoming more and more popular.

First of all the quality of the food at the local market is flat out about ten folds better. Not only that, but there is a certain amount of pride invested in the food as it is personally grown or created, and taken care of.

Sunday Morning Celebrations

Every Sunday morning the local markets are just booming with activity. Many people look forward to this time of the week just as many college students look forward to their weekend to begin on either Thursday or Friday night. [Ed. Note – it’s not just Sundays, I used to live in a city that had a huge Saturday market. The Sunday time was garage sale day]

Many of the times there will be a local band there playing throughout the day. The band usually keeps the crowd energetic, and is usually a great addition to the ability to check out what the local farms have to offer.

Not only is it a celebration for the people that come to do their shopping, but it is a place where the hard work of local farmers, or food creators pays off as they get to talk all day about their product, their inspiration for it, and their goals, aspirations, and future plans for their product. At the local farmer market, you will find all sorts of creative ideas, including new ones and new spins on old ideas.

A Boost for the Economy

One reason why this trend is growing so much is because the crowds of people that attend these markets on the regular know already that it is great for the economy. It helps keeps jobs local, and it supports the local community in a lot of different ways.

For instance, a study being done in Maine, or moreover a campaign, encourages people to spend at least $10 a week on local farm products. If this is done one hundred million dollars will be put back into farmers’ bank accounts and the Maine economy each growing season. Imagine the benefits if only 10% of the population of the USA spent only $10 a week at the local farmers market. That is approximately $16,000,000,000. That’s right – an annual 16 billion dollar industry. And each cent of it would stay in the United States of America.

When it comes to buying local, food may be one of the best options to go. The quality of tastes and freshness is unmatched, it is very entertaining, there is a variety of great options, and you are doing the economy a great justice.

This article was written by Laura Zanskey. In her spare time, Laura loves to garden. This post was inspired by her time spent at the local farmers market where she saw many interesting ideas. Her favorite was “Holy Canoles” which consisted of deconstructed canoles where the usually middle filled cream was made into a dip of which you could dip your canoles into. By day, she works for – a website that gives LED TV reviews.

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