Audio of talk by Randy Oliver, of

by Peter Sieling, President Steuben County Beekeeper’s Association

We in Upstate NY are fortunate to have regional honey bee associations that bring in high quality lecturers from as far away as California. If you braved the February 19th blizzard and attended the Geneva, NY combined meeting, you heard Heather Mattila and Randy Oliver. Normally we wait for EAS in summer and pay several hundred dollars to hear speakers of this expertise.

If you are like me, you drove away from the meeting and forgot most of what your learned. I knew in advance that I’d forget and managed to record most of Randy’s talk.

We have posted it here with his permission. I regret that I didn’t get Heather’s talk—lots of excellent information. It’s not professional sound quality and the beginning of the 2nd section starts late. Randy used pictures in his presentation but, while helpful, you can understand most of what he describes without them. Feel free to download these to your mp3 player, but remember it’s for your personal use. Randy was very generous to allow us to post this.

You can download this file by right-clicking and selecting “Save link as.” We’re working on recording more audio of speaker’s at local bee clubs. You can sign up for our newsletter at the upper right to receive updates.

Randy Oliver – Session One
Randy Oliver – Session Two

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