Profitable Self Sufficient Living

Guest post by Daniel Travis Brown

It’s no secret that people worldwide have begun to take notice of the serious concerns over global warming and fossil fuel; with governments everywhere advocating the recycling of as many household products as possible, the bid to reuse old materials has become much more accessible and achievable.

The more people that do their part the better; ideally everyone would do their upmost to live a self-sufficient lifestyle, providing as much if not all of their own heating, gas and electricity. It’s fair to say however, that the majority of people feel there are only so many changes they can make without it becoming an inconvenience and somewhat of a sizable task. So with that in mind, let’s take a look at a few easy ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and live a more self-sufficient lifestyle without too much time and hassle!

Create your Own Energy

Significantly cutting down the amount of gas and electricity you use is a fantastic way to reduce your carbon footprint, and also benefit from much lower energy bills at the same time; who knows, you could even make a little money on the side too!

If your home is conveniently placed in a suitable position for the use of solar PV panels or wind turbines then you could benefit hugely from massively reduced energy bills and the government funded feed -in tariff which pays out ‘clean energy cashback’ to the owner of the panels.

The feed-in tariff gives three financial benefits:

–          Payment for all electricity produced (even if the owner uses said electricity).

–          Bonus payment for electricity that is exported back to the national grid.

–          Standard electricity bills are reduced if the owner uses electricity they have created themselves.

As you can see, the benefits of harnessing solar and wind energy speak from themselves, so investing in either is certainly going to have its benefits.

It’s what’s inside that Counts

Adding some energy efficient fixtures around your home can also significantly reduce the amount of electricity you are using. Look into finding some energy saving or LED lighting to add an energy efficient glow to your household and provide an excellent alternative to standard household bulbs.

Having your wall cavities and attic insulated can also significantly reduce the amount of energy you will need to use; the insulation contains heat inside the building more effectively and eliminates the need to continuously warm the house. The money saved over time after insulating your home will eventually pay for the insulation and continue to save you money on heating bills for years to come!

So there we are, some simple and easy way to cut down energy usage, save money and even make a money back on your investments! 

This eco-friendly article was written by Daniel Travis Brown; for more great money saving and home decor hints and tips follow Dan on Twitter @DanTravisBrown

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  1. Lambert says:

    I congratulate you on your blog. And I make a call take care of and to ipmorve the life of the bees since they contribute a great value to the human existence for million of yeras, I am a beekeeper born in Argentina, I started to study them at the age of 14 now I am 37. There are aportoda to me a natural form of life. And if some you see by its mind the bees are an example of life to follow to learn of the bees. Thank you very much and good luck.

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