Preparing for the Swarm Season: Series

Bee Gloves

In the northern areas of the United States, sickness swarming starts in early May and runs through June. Another, treatment smaller swarm season occurs from mid August to mid September. With nucleus colonies and package bees costing around one hundred dollars (some nucs can cost as much as $120), it pays to be ready for the swarm season before it arrives.

Over the next few weeks Peter Sieling will be discussing a variety of topics on this blog to help you prepare for swarm season. Bait Hives, Swarm Boxes, and swarming situations (such as dry or fresh swarms, and when not to catch a swarm) you may encounter are just a few of the topics we will address.

Visit our website every Wednesday for the next month, or like our Facebook page to find out tricks and tactics for you to have a successful swarm season.

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