Philadelphia Beekeepers Starting Youth Program

There’s an exciting project starting in Philadelphia – a group of beekeepers, prescription urban farmers, and youth are starting a program to teach kids how to produce and sell honey.

“With a sustainability focus and a student Community Supported Apiary (CSA) program, a community apiary represents an alternative to the commercial model. Especially in the city where bees aren’t exposed to the pesticides of the farm country, raising bees without chemical treatments lays bare the traits that will be necessary to withstanding parasites so that resilient hives can be selected for raising survivor honeybee queens.

The Woodlands Community Apiary, managed without chemicals by a beekeeping co-op and local students, will be a meeting and demonstration space for the Philadelphia Beekeepers Guild. The beekeepers will give workshops and demonstrations for the rapidly emerging beekeeping community in Philadelphia, promoting sustainable environmental stewardship.”

You can view information about the project here.

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