Organic Beekeeping Training Course

Our friends at Organic Beekeeping 101 have just released an educational DVD for beginning beekeepers interested in organic beekeeping. The folks at Organic Beekeeping 101 have teamed passionate beekeeping teacher Randy Sue Collins and talented videographer Paul Martin to produce a first of it’s kind – a training DVD focusing on organic beekeeping, managing bees and hives without the use of drugs, chemicals, essential oils, or acids. You can learn more about the DVD at

[Edit – This is now available on Amazon! See link below.]

We at Garreson Publishing are eager to support all beekeepers, from newbee to wizened – check out Beehive Construction, a book of plans that helps you build a beehive with only a tablesaw.

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3 Responses to Organic Beekeeping Training Course

  1. Neal Rogers says:

    I got Randy Sue’s DVD at our December 2010 meeting of the Sonoma County Beekeepers Assn, where she is currently President. I’ve also taken her 2-weekend Organic Beekeeping 101 class. Having viewed the DVD twice, I have learned so much. I am starting my first hives in the Spring and one of the hives will be set-up as recommended in Randy Sue’s DVD.

    Don’t miss this DVD! It is eye-opening!

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for the recommendation Neal! Glad to hear it was helpful.


  3. manojchandraker says:

    i want to take beekeeping training,so pls some information about your training schedule

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