Photos of honey bottling process

by Gary

While visiting my parents at home over Memorial Day, help I had the opportunity to get some photos while Dad was bottling honey.

Boxes of glass honey jars wait by the barn window, waiting to be filled

Honey extractor waits idly for the next sweet harvest

Wax covering removed from comb in a deceased hive reveals beautifully granulated honey

Close-up of comb from deceased hive shows granulated honey flowing from combs, and evidence of possible fungus

Close-up of gear mechanism on honey extractor, waiting for the biennial honey extraction

Close-up shows capped bee brood in an old hive

Old comb glistens in the light

A box of glass jars waits for honey

Buckets of honey are gently warmed to ease pouring

Warmed honey is poured from a warmed bucket in to a bucket with a spigot

The last stream of honey runs from one bucket to another

Sample comb shows honeycomb cells with honey removed

Honey bucket with spigot tipped forward, ready to fill jars

The last drips of honey take the longest to finish

Warmed honey moves quickly under pressure

Steam from heated honey obscures the glass as the jar fills

Bubbles from pouring slowly rise to the top, producing a foam that dissipates over time

Honey Bears Plot Against Us

Sample sized honey jars show the wide range of honey colors

Very dark honey currently available, has a much stronger flavor than the more common light honey

Wax left over from previous honey extraction is filtered and poured into a round cake resembling a cheese wheel

Close up shows detailed texture of wax

Old hives rest waiting for new occupants

Our honey stand sign is updated periodically to update customers on recent events

Honey is available for sale out our roadside stand

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6 Responses to Photos of honey bottling process

  1. Natalie Towne says:

    Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much so sharing.
    I’m new to beekeeping this year and am greatful for any and all information I get find.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks Natalie, I’m glad you enjoyed them 🙂


  3. Yogesh Prabhu says:

    Thanks for beautiful pictures, I am honey re-packer in India. keep doing and sharing .

  4. Hugh says:

    Great pictures. Thanks so much!

  5. MR. SINGH says:


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