Geneva Bee Conference

Remember the Geneva Bee Conference held in March? It’s one of the least expensive and best ways to meet other beekeepers in the region. My daughter, treat Ariele, and I met some of you there. I just visited their website,, and it’s been swept clean of information.

I always go away and forget almost everything that I learned. Here’s what I remember: There are still a few black bees (Apis melifera melifera) in the United States. These were the northern bees first introduced back in the pilgrim days. I suppose they came over on the Mayflower, like several chairs in our house. They have been nearly replaced by the more recently introduced Italians (Apis melifera ligustica) and Carniolans (Apis melifera carnica)and Russians (Apis melifera communista) and who knows what else.

This can’t be the most interesting fact that you learned. What did you learn? Email me at

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