Peter Sieling speaks at Finger Lakes Beekeeping Club

Ithaca, NY—On Sunday, January 16th, Author and president of the Steuben County Honeybee Association, Peter Sieling, delivered a talk to the Finger Lakes Beekeeping Club on Woodworking for Beekeepers. His topics included how and where to buy lumber, seasoning your own lumber, tools and accessories needed for making bee hives, basic joints and how to make them, and finally, how to select glue, nails, and screws for maximum strength and longevity.

Beekeepers tend to be do-it-yourself types. Peter estimated from a show of hands, that more than half the audience owned a table saw. He explained that when starting with planed lumber, a table saw is all that is necessary to make all the parts of a commercial quality hive. Making your own equipment can not only save money, it adds a deeper satisfaction to the art of beekeeping. Bees will happily accept the hives offered by the beekeepers, from the rough butt-jointed “Fred Flintstone” style hives to the clean precisely milled professional quality hive.

Peter offers talks on a variety of beekeeping subjects, including Hive-making, Treatment Free Beekeeping, Beekeeping for (almost) free, and Getting Starting in Beekeeping. You can schedule a talk or ask questions by e-mailing him at

Beekeeping clubs are the best way for beginning beekeepers to get the information they need. At the Finger Lakes Club’s January meeting, those present could order nucs (small colonies that will develop into full colonies). The discussions included encouraging the Boy Scouts of America to reinstate the Beekeeping merit badge, starting a mentoring program for young beekeepers, and organizing the annual beginning beekeeping class. Another club in the area is the Steuben County Honeybee Association. For those interested in finding a local group in the US or Canada, go to

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