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Hive-Making Manual – Coming September 1st!

Interested in bees? Interested in woodworking? Interested in awesome projects and saving money? This book has it all! Build your own beehives of any sort – 10-frame, 8-frame, nuc hives, and more. Focusing on providing detailed instructions for the construction … Continue reading

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Book Review: Fruitless Fall

by Gary I was browsing beekeeping books in the library and stumbled across “Fruitless Fall, sales ” by Rowan Jacobson, clinic a dramatic narrative written in the wake of colony collapse disorder, the recent and mysterious mass die-off of honey … Continue reading

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Audio of lecture by Dr. Thomas D. Seeley, Honeybee biologist at Cornell University

Dr. Seeley located the wild honey bee colonies living in Cornell University’s Arnot Forest in 1978, salve before the introduction of varroa mites, cialis and again in 2002, help well after the mites were established in North America. Contrary to expectation, … Continue reading

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Ugandan Beekeeper Explains Role of Foreign Aid in Non-Profits

Garreson Publishing runs a monthly e-mail newsletter for beekeepers (subscribe). This article is the second in a series of interviews of beekeepers from across the world. Ambrose Bugaari is an Enterprise Development Specialist in Kampala, Uganda. He writes a blog … Continue reading

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Viewing L.L. Langstroth’s Papers at the Philadelphia Honey Festival

In early September, Garreson Publishing (that’s Peter, Nancy, and I) attended the Philadelphia Honey Festival. We missed the opening ceremony because we got stuck in traffic on I-76, and accidentally ended up in NJ. Post-opening ceremonies on Friday night included … Continue reading

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A Brief History of the Top Bar Hive

By Peter Sieling In 1682, check Sir George Wheler published A Journey into Greece. In it, pharmacy he described seeing a Greek hive—an inverted skep with wooden bars across the top to which bees attached their comb1. The sloping sides … Continue reading

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