California Man Brings Bees to Your Home

Based in Northern California, Allen L. of brings a beehive to your home and manages it on your behalf, providing you with honey. Allen provides training and maintenance, perfect for any level of interest. He told me he manages around 100 hives this way, and once people get a taste of their own honey, they keep coming back.

He started out selling honey, but many people asked if he sold beehives (but didn’t know what they would do with one). He offers ornamental custom hive covers which fit over the beehive, although traditional white Langstroth hives are the most popular design.

One customer has twelve hives- receiving around 300lb of honey a year! Most of this is given to a food bank. The average customer receives enough honey to satisfy their family and give unique Christmas gifts.

Allen’s site is If you are in Northern CA and looking for a beehive, he is very responsive and will be happy to help.

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