Book Review: The Honeybee Hobbyist, by Norman Gary

Norman Gary’s book, Honey Bee Hobbyist: The Care and Keeping of Bees (Hobby Farm) is an easy, fun read, with lots of large, glossy pictures of honeybees. It would be a great for a kid interested in beekeeping, for a library, or a 4-H club –  from beginner to intermediate beekeeper.

It has lots of little tips to get you started, although certainly not detailed enough to solve all your beekeeping needs. There are numerous sidenotes about interesting natural history, revolving around activity inside and outside the hive, as well as details on honey and products of the hive.

While this book has curiously little of Gary’s personal experience with beekeeping given his fame, it does includes a unique “fun things to do with bees” chapter. which would provide a number of activities for beekeeping demonstrations or fun with the kids.

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