Available Now: “Never Pick Up A Stray Goose”

Garreson Publishing is proud to announce the release of our newest book, “Never Pick Up A Stray Goose.” A collection of humorous short stories by Peter Sieling, this book is sure to entertain and delight people of all ages. Focused on living life, these stories depict Peter’s unique perspective on family, country living, and growing old. He writes about raising children, the passage of time, hunting, making maple syrup, and more. This book will make an easy, heart-warming Christmas present for families and friends.

You can get your copy here. You can also call, at 607-566-8558, or email gary@garresonpublishing.com

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One Response to Available Now: “Never Pick Up A Stray Goose”

  1. Peter Sieling says:

    Hunting!? Do I even own a gun? Oh wait, I found one in the woods twenty or thirty years ago. I still have a dozen cartridges (is that what they are called?) or bullets, whatever they call the things that come out the front end of the barrel and can go two miles if you're not careful.

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