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Coming Soon: Hive Making Manual

The Hive-Making Manual is a shop manual that covers the history, theory, and how-to of simple hand tool construction or complex commercial-quality hives. Explore simple or complex methods for hive building, perfect for a woodworker at any skill level. Learn … Continue reading

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5 Fundamentals For April & May Gardening

Guest post by Colin Although the weather has been up and down and unpredictable, it is safe to say that finally, springtime is here.  And for your garden it’s a time of soil preparation, sowing seeds and replanting, preparation to … Continue reading

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Straw Hive Making Video

I found this neat video demonstration of making a straw bee hive-

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Profitable Self Sufficient Living

Guest post by Daniel Travis Brown It’s no secret that people worldwide have begun to take notice of the serious concerns over global warming and fossil fuel; with governments everywhere advocating the recycling of as many household products as possible, … Continue reading

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How To Make Your Own Scented Candles

Guest Post Buying scented candles might sound like an easy option, but they can also be pricey. Making the candles at home is not only inexpensive, but also allows you to be creative. Paraffin, soy and beeswax are the three … Continue reading

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Audio of lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Capaldi Evans

Dr. Evans’ talk, “Learning about Bee Learning,” will review bees as model animals for understanding general principles of learning and why this information is essential for beekeepers, as well as recent research about how environmental factors (global change, pesticides, and … Continue reading

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Honey Bees: Friend or Foe?

People are terrified of bees. This small insect, cialis smaller than the tip of my pinkie, sick can terrify a large man to the point of leaping to his feet, tadalafil sprinting as fast as he can in any direction, … Continue reading

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Back to School and Back to Good Food

Washington, D.C.-  As summer comes to an end, school is just around the corner for children across the United States. For children enrolled in state schools, this typically means the return of unhealthy lunches that are best described as “fast food”: … Continue reading

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Pete Sieling publishes article on saving brood comb

The September issue of Bee Culture has an article by my father (Pete Sieling) on saving brood comb. He’s been doing more swarm removals this summer, and this is reflected in the detail of the article. -Gary

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Bee Culture starts new bee blog

Check it out at

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