5 Fundamentals For April & May Gardening

Guest post by Colin

Although the weather has been up and down and unpredictable, it is safe to say that finally, springtime is here.  And for your garden it’s a time of soil preparation, sowing seeds and replanting, preparation to make sure that you get the garden you desire come summer.

Here’s a quick list of the five most important fundamental gardening techniques / activities to keep in mind when gardening at home in April;

1. Lawn care.

The lawn is of course an important feature of any garden, from how it looks, to even how it feels underfoot. That’s why great care should be taken to ensure it stays nice, green and healthy throughout the drier summer months. Make sure you water it adequately (but not with a hosepipe with the current ban!) and give it hand boosts by, for example, treating your lawn with a quality fertilizer.

2. Weed and pest control.

Everything begins growing rapidly in April due to the regular mix of warmer temperatures, rain and sunlight. Therefore, if left unattended weeds can quickly get out of control and begin to take over your garden, making it unsightly. Pests, such as slugs and snails will ravage young plants, so it’s of the utmost importance to tackle them appropriately.

3. Flowers and shrubs.

Bring a burst of colour into your garden by checking out the beautiful plants and flowers available at your local garden centre. You have to remember to prepare the soil adequately before replanting, as well as dividing any overcrowded perennials and transplant them accordingly. 

4. Sowing and growing.

During April or early May, you should be sowing herb and vegetable seeds, as well as annual flowers. You may be tempted to sow all the seeds at once but you’ll be better off doing it in stages to ensure maturity at different times to give you longer enjoyment over the summer.

5. Pruning.

This is the key to improving the appearance of your garden while also encouraging flowers to bloom as the season progresses. By pruning small trees and bushes in early May, this will allow the whole of the growing season for the plants to recover. Any remains can be be used to make a new compost heap or added to an existing one.

Pruning, planting and maintenance. That’s what it takes. Above all else you should of course try to enjoy yourself when gardening so that you get out what you put in.

Colin is writing on behalf of Kings Seeds – Supplier of Vegetable & Flower Seeds

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