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Getting Ready for Swarm Season: Swarm Boxes

There are lots of plans for swarm capturing gadgets-boxes or buckets on poles, sacks, and bee vacs. They all have their advantages, but the simplest device that will cover 95% of all swarms is a cardboard box. Cut a window in the side … Continue reading

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Getting Ready For Swarm Season: Bait Hives

Set up bait hives well before the swarm season begins. Have one bait hive where you can see it every day. It serves two purposes. First, physician if your bees or any other colonies, whether wild or belonging to your neighbor, are … Continue reading

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Preparing for the Swarm Season: Series

In the northern areas of the United States, sickness swarming starts in early May and runs through June. Another, treatment smaller swarm season occurs from mid August to mid September. With nucleus colonies and package bees costing around one hundred … Continue reading

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Sweat Equity

When you increase your net worth by your own labor, installing your own kitchen cabinets, for example, you have increased your net worth. The best part of sweat equity is that it is tax free. What percentage of your income … Continue reading

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Geneva Bee Conference

Remember the Geneva Bee Conference held in March? It’s one of the least expensive and best ways to meet other beekeepers in the region. My daughter, treat Ariele, and I met some of you there. I just visited their website, … Continue reading

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