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This is a Bee Information Website for both beginner and proficient beekeepers. It has the latest University Bee Research and a globally produced bi-monthly E-Bee Newsletter.

C. Arden Bookseller
Secondhand and antiquarian books on natural history including the New Naturalist series, zoology, entomology, ornithology, gardening, botany, bees and beekeeping.
C. Arden Bookseller

Bee Weaver
Bee Weaver is the first commercial operation in the US to go chemical free, and many of their customers enjoy not buying chemicals and worrying about pests/diseases.

Mann Lake sells beekeeping and candlemaking supplies.


The Eastern Apicultural Society of North America, Inc. (EAS) is an international non-profit educational organization founded in 1955 for the promotion of bee culture, education of beekeepers, and excellence in bee research. EAS is the largest non-commercial beekeeping organization in the United States and one of the largest in the world.

North Carolina State Beekeepers Association

A non-profit organization serving beekeepers and residents of North Carolina, USA since 1917.

American Beekeeping Foundation

The ABF is a national organization with about 1,000 members that continually works in the interest of all beekeepers, large or small, and those associated with the industry to ensure the future of the honey bee. Our members share a common interest to work toward better education and information for all segments of the industry in the hope of increasing our chances for survival in today’s competitive world.

Honeybees! iPod Touch/iPhone Application
Honeybees! is a fascinating educational journey into the world of honeybees and beekeeping.

Honeybees! teaches you about all aspects of honeybees including pollination, beekeeping and the biology of honeybees.

Using beautiful photographs, you will experience how bees live, and how they work together to raise their young, take care of each other and collect pollen and make honey.

The ‘beekeeper’s diary’ section chronicles the work of the beekeeper as the hives are cared for. Updates to the app will include updates to the diary as the year progresses.

Herring Bay Aquaculture

Herring Bay Aquaculture is raising oysters to help the Chesapeake Bay recovery effort, as well as converting vegetable oils to biodiesel. More information is available on their website.

Urban Farming and Sustainable Living at

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